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Rivers In The Desert:
Meditations From The Book of Isaiah

Rivers in the Desert by Dr. Stephanie Jennings-Stratford was conceived from her love for the Book of Isaiah and birthed during 40-days of meditation, fasting, and prayer. Dr. Stratford’s use of Scripture from the Hebrew Bible and Jewish New Testament brings accuracy in interpretation and lends cultural insights.

Rivers in the Desert is a 40-day journey of meditations from the Book of Isaiah’s message of hope and God’s promises to His people of restoration and Messianic redemption. The Scripture quotes reveal God’s character and function in the world and His love for His people. Dr. Stephanie Stratford’s reflections are informative and thought-provoking, and her prayers are uplifting and inspirational.

Rivers in the Desert is transforming, and it will strengthen and elevate your faith by increasing awareness of God’s love and promises to His people.

God Speaks to Women:
Lessons for the Millennial Generation

As women, we face a myriad of physiological changes as pre-teens, the uncertainty of young adulthood, dating, marriage, sex, childbirth, childrearing, abuse, and gender discrimination, all of which comprise a jungle through which we must find our way. God Speaks to Women offers biblical insights and practical principles for women of the Millennial generation to navigate through life, as seen through the lens of a mature woman.

Moments in Church History:
From the Apostolic Age to the Protestant Reformation

I pray this book will “connect the dots” and fill in the missing pieces of knowledge for both Church leaders and laity. I hope it will be a tool for equipping disciples and empowering them to understand the magnitude of the legacy and inheritance they have received by the Grace of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Author: Dr. Stephanie Jennings-Stratford

Dr. Stephanie Jennings-Stratford is a native of Washington, D.C., and has served the Body of Christ for 40 years. She holds a Master of Ministry in Leadership degree from Richmond Virginia Seminary and earned her Doctor of Ministry degree from Virginia University of Lynchburg, Virginia.  Bishop Stratford is married to Deacon Thomas Stratford. She says her greatest treasures are her seven children, five of whom she homeschooled for seven years, which allowed her the privilege of having them with her as she traveled the country evangelizing for the Kingdom of God.

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